Riverberry Women's Ruby Round Toe, Kitten Low Height Pump Heels

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size: 7.75 W × 3.75 H × 10.75 L
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The Ruby was designed to be a stylish, comfortable, sexy kitten low heel pump that can be worn all day comfortably. Drawing design inspiration from the ever present stiletto heel, you can rest assured that this tried and true heel style will look great in almost any situation. Even better, with nearly 15 color options available, you can always find a version of the Ruby that will look just right; even with those hard to match outfits. The Ruby is a versatile heel that can be worn in occasions ranging from casual to formal. Featuring a closed toe design with a slightly padded interior insole, a subtle round toe and a 2.5" heel height the Ruby has great breathability and a comfort level that allows you to wear the shoe all day long.

  • Style: Pumps, Classics
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Heel Height/type: 2.5 inches, low-heel
  • Toe Shape: Round
  • Platform Height: 0.10 inches
  • Lining: Synthetic
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Footbed: Slightly Padded
  • Imported
  • Model: RUBY01


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I really like the color and would have given it another star ...
Written by Karen MH on Oct 30th 2018

I really like the color and would have given it another star if it they fit better and had more padding in the sole and more toe room. One really nice thing is, they did include extra tips for the heels and they put in a pkg of silicone pads for the ball of your foot. However, the pads had some sort of lump that was not comfortable at all. But it was nice that the pads were included. They also put in anti-slip pads for the back of your heel. For this reason, I am going to keep them and try stretching the toe box. If I can get that area to stretch they will definitely be worth the trouble.

I want to like these shoes
Written by Ares on Oct 30th 2018

I really do want to like these shoes. They are supper cute, nicely made for the price but there is a reason they come with foot pad inserts. The toe is upturned ever so slightly which makes the foot landing not flat and the material is unwielding, rubbing parts of my foot. I might wear for a day before retiring but it’s looking like they will be headed back.

Snug but Comfortable
Written by Jo on Oct 30th 2018

This is a very comfortable shoe. The insides are soft and the sole has a light padding. It is a bit more snug that my usual fit for a size 8.5 B(M). However I expect that this will be addressed after it has been worn for a while. The colour is not exactly as I expected and is a very bright coral. Overall though I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

Fit pretty true to size, but quality of fabrication is a question
Written by V. Ramirez on Oct 30th 2018

Based on all the other reviews here, I have to second the question on the fabrication. Originally, I thought I would have to return these shoes (purchased in patent black), when I first put them on and something sharp was sticking right into my left fourth toe! I took a look, and sure enough - there was something sharp poking right out of the sock/inner sole of the shoe in the toe box. Thank goodness I didn't walk far (just out the front door) before this started poking my foot - I was able to leave them at home and switch out to a different pair of shoes. Fast forward a couple weeks later, when I was finally able to address these shoes: got my needlenose pliers out and pulled out a full-sized staple from that tip. Glad it wasn't something more major that would have marked the start of the joys of tetanus. The heel attachment as well to the body of the shoe: on my right shoe, there is overglue. At the fronts of both toes, there is overglue. Not highly visible when I'm standing up, but I know it's there nonetheless. We'll see if some goof off will help remove the glue, but the workmanship on these shoes leaves a lot be desired. On the upside, they are rather comfortable. We'll see how long I can hang onto the shoes and use them before the heels fall off!

Detailed Review
Written by Shelby on Oct 30th 2018

COLOR: Must say, the color gorgeous. I ordered the mint, which is VERY true to color. It is basically a pale/light teal... not mint 'green' and not turquoise. While it is close to those on either end, it's certainly MINT and that's just what I needed! SIZE: I hate shoes rubbing the backs of my heels. So, I decided to go with my true size and hope for the best. Here's the thing: They are tight at first. I have the regulars, not the wides, which works perfect... but if you need wides, you had best order them in wides or you will not like them. For ordering my true size and not going up a half size, I'm glad I did. While they are tight right now, two days of light wear and they are already breaking in well with absolutely no sliding on my heel. (Of course, ordering a half size up works for many women, so you do what you think is best; It's your feet, no one knows better than you what you prefer.) I'll give them another four days light wear (4-6 hours each time) and I'll be ready to take these puppies downtown for a night. Lol DURABILITY / QUALITY: Only been a few days, so I cannot testify to their strength, but the heel hasn't fallen off so far and they certainly feel sturdy. Will update if that changes, depending on how hard I am on them. Some are complaining about gluing and quality, but they look fine to me. I think they look excellent. They will scuff easily, as most heels like these do, so don't drive with them on or the backs will get marked up. Some women expect these things to withstand a marathon, I'm not one one them. I don't walk on gravel, dirt, or uneven asphalt in heels if I can help it. Common sense. If you do, the heels are going to look like a chew-happy puppy got ahold them. Yet, if there are any thin heeled shoes out there for less than $40 that don't look like that after walking those surfaces, then someone please let me know. 30 years and still haven't found indestructible heels... just sayin'. COMFORT: As I said, still breaking mine in. At this point, due to the tightness where the shoe hasn't fully taken my foot shape, the only discomfort I have is in my first joint of my big toes. Day one sucked. (4 hours) Day two was much better. (4 hours again.) But no blisters or rubbing anywhere. Noticing a difference in just two wears is a good sign. Having broken in many heels this way, I'm confident enough to say that these are going to be VERY comfortable by a few more wears. Ideal for work days and not going to kill you if you're on your feet most of the time. Main pro: DOESN'T HURT MY BACK. Low heels/kitten heels do not make my lower back ache and doesn't agitate my sciatica. GRIP: Now, for my only complaint and the reason these are four stars and not five... These shoes are slicker than snot on a door knob. The bottoms are smoother than Dwayne Johnson's chest. Be wary walking on a wet/greasy, glossy surface because seriously... its like two eels screwin' in a bucket. Had them on for less than ten minutes, walked into our tiled bathroom where my man had taken a shower just an hour before and it was like a comedic skit from SNL; One misstep and I was grabbing towel racks, the toilet paper holder, ripping the shower curtain down... just trying to regain my balance. Lol Hasn't happened since because now I know. So, do NOT underestimate these heels in their lack of traction. Not a rainy day shoe. Not a shoe for waltzing around on marble floors of lobby's and banks downtown. Not a shoe for entering a Wafflehouse or greasy cafe. They perform very well on linoleum, concrete and asphalt (if it isn't slimy with algae/dirt), most wood floors and carpet of course. Be careful on tile, glossy wood floors or any wet surface, They will fool you because they are so comfortable and your balance is fantastic in them, you could even run from a maniacal serial killer with a chain-saw while wearing them, but once you leave a rough/carpeted surface, you better test the waters because they are more slippery than Casey Anthony's lawyer. I think that covers it! Do I like them? Ha. I LOVE them! Don't buy high heels or stilettos, girls. Get the low pumps/kitten heels like these and you'll get the sexy fashion appeal without the pain. If they'd just invest in better traction on the bottoms, I'd pay an additional $20 for another pair. But I have to say that I'm happy with them as they are, all in all. Will invest a few other colors and I'll just remember that these are my dry day outing shoes and I'll be on my Ps and Qs about what surface I'm walking on. Lol

Great shoe at a great price!
Written by Sarah on Oct 30th 2018

Buying shoes online makes me nervous but I needed this hard to find color (coral) so I didn't have many alternatives. I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit as expected (I ordered my regular size), the color is great and they are actually comfortable. I can wear these at work all day where I do quite a bit of walking and my feet/legs/joints don't hurt at the end of the day like they do with other heels. I get lots of compliments on them too! I will likely be ordering more in other colors.

These shoes are awesome! Perfect heel height and color
Written by Jason Welchert on Oct 30th 2018

These shoes are awesome! Perfect heel height and color. I put a heel pad in and wore these for 8 hours with no pain which is a rarity for me. I was concerned because of the low price but these prove that expensive isn't always better.

Very pleased
Written by FirstLady517 on Oct 30th 2018

Beautiful! We needed gold shoes that didn't look like patent leather. These are perfect! They came with extra heel taps, heel pads, and ball of foot cushions. This pair was for my daughter, but I will be ordering a pair for myslef for sure!

Beautiful and Comfortable Rose Gold Tone Pumps, Heel is just the right height!
Written by CijiDunne on Oct 30th 2018

I bought this pair of shoes to go with my mother of the bride gown for my daughter's wedding this coming November. These shoes are beautiful, really nicely constructed, come with both heel gel extra inserts and also the toe gel inserts AND extra heel points if needed! I tried them on for the first time and they fit like a glove! I had to have my gown altered/shortened and I took the shoes with me for the right hem and I told the seamstress "These shoes are so comfortable, I don't think I will have a problem with wearing them all day"! They are beautiful and they match my gown to perfection! I can't wait until November !!!

great price, can wear them all day and they don't look cheap
Written by JRW on Oct 30th 2018

These are great shoes for work and super affordable. I rated based on the fact that I ordered a 1/2 size up from my normal size and the fact that the quality is good considering the price. I got the pewter color which looks nice and not cheap!

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