What Inspires Us

At Riverberry, we love beautiful colors that never seem to fade; fabrics and patterns that are soft to the touch and exciting to the eye; fresh takes on timeless styles and just the right amount of boldness. We love confident, sexy clothing that makes us and you feel light and carefree!

Our apparel, footwear and accessory collections draw inspiration from classic styles that are re-invented with interesting fabrics, bold colors, touchable textures and contemporary constructions. The resulting collections of products are items that, when worn, will leave you feeling nothing less than amazing.

Where We're From

Salt Lake City is located right on the west base of the Wasatch mountain range. When we say right on the base, we aren't kidding. Spectacular mountain views are to be had in every direction by anyone living or visiting here.

Our proximity to the mountains and multiple mountain lakes gives us boasting rights to some of the best skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, trail running, boating, fishing and all around outdoor activities in the world.To top it off, Salt Lake City and it's surrounding area offers a metropolitan atmosphere with nearly 2.5 million residents and access to cultural events that are too many to mention.

We love where we live and use the daily inspiration we receive from living in such a beautiful place to drive the creation of each of our apparel, footwear and accessory items.

What Makes Us Different

At Riverberry, our business model is built around creating value. More directly, creating value for our customers on stylish, high quality apparel, footwear and accessories.

From our collection of riding boots, ankle boots and heels to our assortments of apparel and accessories, we ensure value to our customers by drawing inspiration from the truly great items we see and designing our version of those products in-house. Additionally, we work directly with our production factories to produce a high quality product with no middle men and no extra expense.

All these practices allow us to get a quality product to our customers with no extra money built in to cover costly advertising budgets, wholesale distribution channels, expensive designers or middlemen in our production line. Our pursuit of constantly improving ensures that our customers are offered a quality product that they love at a price they can afford.